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Implementation of a 360 degree marketing strategy to reach your business goals.
This is a perfect option for those who want to get top-notch 360 degree marketing from a single partner. You will not have to engage different agencies that will work on your strategy, SMM, and performance. You get a qualified vendor who knows well how to promote your product wielding digital tools and who is aware of your business risks. Our team’s priority is to achieve your KPI goals—boost revenue, raise brand awareness, etc.
Implementation time: from 3 months
Price: Optional. Starting from €15,000/month
Sample report: our results within 6 months
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What you get*: a reliable marketing partner who helps you reach your business goals and makes your business grow.
The Full Service Includes
  • Briefing: the Ideas agency team will deep-dive into your business. We will study your strategic documents and your marketing team reports.
  • Building a 12-month-long digital strategy with quarterly updates, including competitors audit, product marketing audit using the JTBD approach, CJM, auditing your Google Ad, Facebook Business Manager (Meta), LinkedIn Ad advertising campaigns, website audit, CRM system audit, social media accounts audit, current budget audit, summary and practical steps for a year, as well as a detailed quotation with services, prices, advertising budget and explanation.
  • An account manager with a marketing background who has experience with similar projects.
  • Implementation team (optional): SMM, email marketing, performance marketing, targeting and contextual advertisement, CRM marketing.
  • Additional quarterly analytical reports: CusDev, market research and new insights, strategy update based on research results.
  • Monthly KPI report
  • Consulting: marketing and business goals.
*If you buy this package with the monthly payment of more than €15,000 and sign a contract for six months, you get Package 2, which includes creating a digital marketing strategy, for free.
to reach the goal
from 3 monthes
  • You reach your business/marketing goals with the help of Ideas Agency.
  • You get an outsourced dream team
of professionals who implement their strategy in a single window mode
deep-diving into your business and face
the risks with you.
  • You get a well-running and adjusted sales funnel that will work even if our partnership ends. You will keep all the strategies, advertising materials, and credentials
for your accounts.
Yes, I Need It
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